Ah an old friend!

April 11, 2010

Well if it isn’t my old friend Tim! How are you then? Long time no speak. How is the wonderful wide world of Environmental Health?


I used to be really happy with two manuals and pedals with around 20 stops! Now I have three manuals and pedals with 43 stops, of which I use ….. around 20! It cost my church £35,000+ (before my time, so not my fault!!) and it’s in a case that has almost taken over the Lady Chapel and is about twice the size it needs to be! It’s facing the WRONG way, so I am sitting with my back to everything that is happening (despite the fact that it’s predecessor was the sensible way round!). It has so many pistons and toe pistons that it resembles the bridge of the Enterprise! (how many do I use? NONE! it’s just symptomatic of the awful trend towards changing stops for the sake of it) …… Is any of this reaching anyone’s heart or am I actually just a fuddy-duddy old Luddite?

Day One!

April 6, 2010

The sun is shining! The Organist is shining – everything in The Organist’s world is shining at the moment!

Welcome to my shiny new home on WordPress! Here we will settle down, relax and discuss all the things that matter!!